Accessories Key To Fashion Success

You’ve seen them. The high fashion handbags, wristlets, and backpacks carried by celebrities and socialites. Bags that may resemble little more than boxes upholstered with fabric featuring corporate logos. Others are well-crafted testaments to great design, but you would need to take out a second mortgage to buy it. If you think you could bring something new to the accessories market, consider a career in fashion design.

Accessories Popular Aspect of Fashion Design

Unlike over-the-top couture fashions, high quality accessories can be worn by anyone, anytime. A great bag can make a fashion statement wherever you go: to work, the grocery store, or to your kids’ athletic activities.

If you’re creative and have an eye for great design, you can start a fashion design career by taking courses in the design and manufacture of fashion accessories. It’s possible to take courses offering specialized instruction in subjects such as fashion accessory design and construction, sewing techniques for accessories, textiles and leather, pattern cutting and basic art and design.

Specializing in Accessories Provides Fashion Career Options

Once you’ve mastered basic design techniques, you can expand your studies to specialize in areas of fashion design such as textile design, leather craft, or accessory design. Your creativity and skill in fashion design can lead to a career with top design firms, or you may start a business featuring your own designs. Other opportunities include costuming and wardrobe, fashion merchandising, and more.

In today’s fashion conscious world you can never have enough bags or shoes, or career choices!


Fay Martinez, PhD, is Carmona Nutrition’s director of curriculum. She leads the development of the organization’s educational programs and courses.

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